Logo: andina
For over 20 years Andina HandelsGmbH has specialized in Fruit Juice Concentrates and Fruit Purees for the beverage industry.

Being located in Vienna/Austria our natural market is Austria, Southern Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraina, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia i Herczegovina, Serbia and Macedonia.

The meaning of Andina is originally "from the Andes (in South America)". Nevertheless nowadays we are supplying raw materials for the bottling industry from South America mainly Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Ecuador as well as Central and Southern Europe, mainly Spain, Italy, Austria, Hungary and Poland. Further from Israel, Australia and Far East.

High quality products at competitive prices with a perfect service is our philosophy.
Andina HandelsGmbH . Nussberggasse 2A . 1190 Wien / Austria
andina@andina.at . Tel: +43-1-318 6356 . Fax: +43-1-370 6187